Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises HD.apk v1.0.6

Yeah... now bat is come back ot Android HA Ha Hoooo... The Dark Knight Rises is based on a movie. must see this movie next week , then play The Dark Knight Rises on your Android phone 

In The Game you’ll have access to the Bat-man's complete arsenal including the Batarang, Kevlar utility harness, grapple gun and you’ll find Fox or Morgan Freeman’s within the game But without any superpowers, this hero Bat really is extraordinary Instead There newest vehicle revealed by
Lucius Fox in Dark Knight Rises And you Take down the criminal forces on Gotham City with a different fight system or exciting cinema style, you can also collect items hidden across the city to unlock new fighting skills! Access Bat-man’s complete arsenal and learn how to take full his each tool

So wat are you looking.. The Dark Knight Rises you can
Download dis From  Below Link on Play Google store Its only- $6.90 And start to play your Bat-man for Fight to Crime.

 Download The Dark Knight Rises


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